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forged metal twist
bespoke metal gate

Step into our world of creativity, where art and nature converge, fantasy takes flight, the steampunk era comes alive, and the gothic mystique casts its spell. At Faust Curiosities, we invite you to embark on a journey of imagination and discovery as we bring your artistic dreams to life, one bespoke piece at a time.

Based in a small workshop in the heart of Dumfries and Galloway, we specialize in providing a bespoke commission service to bring your ideas to life. Additionally, our shop offers a range of handcrafted items for sale.

Matthew Fricker of Faust Curiosities

Linda Jayne Fricker, the other half of our dynamic duo, brings a lifelong fascination with the mystical and a profound connection with natural crystals to our creations. With a diverse repertoire of art and craft techniques, including resin work, Linda carefully crafts our orgone pieces with precision and balance. Her background in retail management and administration lends a touch of organization and efficiency to the business side of Faust Curiosities.

Faust Curiosities is a labour of love, born from the creative synergy of a husband and wife team.

Meet Matthew Fricker, the artistic force behind many of our extraordinary creations. With a background in product design, custom auto paintwork, and engineering, Matthew's technical prowess is evident in every piece. His expertise as a skilled welder combines seamlessly with a deep appreciation for nature and a mastery of woodworking, resulting in works that seamlessly blend the organic and the industrial.

forged metal scroll
Linda Fricker of Faust Curiosities

Small hand crafted items such as candle holders , clocks , mirrors and much more are available in our shop. We also undertake a range of bespoke commissions from gates and garden structures to sculptures and functional art with just about everything in between. To view a gallery of the most recent commissions we have completed , click here

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